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Westpoint - Face to The Sea P004 CD

by Westpoint

$12.00 / On Sale

Title: Face To The Sea
Format: CD
Catalog #: P004

Limited edition: Only 500 units pressed!

Preservation records is proud to present the exclusive remastered CD album of 'Face To The Sea' with extensice booklet with the full story and never seen pictures. Never before released on CD.

Additional info:
-Remastered from orginal mastertapes
-Jewelcase cover with printed booklet.
-Exclusive, limited issue of this westcoast classic

1.Faced To The Sea 3:03 (Ø. Lied/A. Wangberg)
2.Fire 3:22 (Ø. Lied/K. Mælumsæther)
3.Joanie 3:45 (Ø. Lied/A. Wangberg)
4.My Dream 4:36 (Ø. Lied)
5.Number One 3:15 (E. Hansen/A. Wangberg)
6.A Love Like This 4:40 (Ø. Lied)
7.Give Me A Chance 4:33 (Ø. Lied)
8.Ordinary Man 4:13 (Ø. Lied/A. Wangberg)
9.Come On And Sing 4:05 (Ø. Lied)

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