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Nina Askeland - Start From Scratch P008 CD

by Nina Askeland

$12.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Nina Askeland
Title: Start From Scratch
Format: CD
Catalog #: P008

Limited edition: Only 500 units pressed!

Finally on CD, remastered from the original mastertapes exclusively for Preservation Records. This is Nina Askeland’s only album, recorded in the early 80’s. It is considered to be a collectors item within the Westcoast Genre. Lava are the backing band. It even features Per Lindvall from Abba as a drummer. Contains a nice booklet with the the story told by Nina herself. First time CD and we have only pressed 500 units.

Additional info:
-Remastered from orginal mastertapes
-Jewelcase cover with printed booklet.
-Exclusive, limited issue of this westcoast classic

1. Stuck with the same man 3.01
2. Runnin’ 3:25
3. Start from scratch 3:24
4. Got to get rollin’ 4:08
5. Randy 3:58
6. Tell me 3:04
7. Love song 3:22
8. You can’t always get what you want 3:45
9. Turn of the tide 3:36
10. Out there on my own 3:14

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