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Marcos Valle - Same Title - Limited colored Vinyl Release P017

by Marcos Valle

$26.50 / Sold Out

Artist: Marcos Valle
Title: Same Title
Format: Vinyl (coloured) 140G

This is a dream come true for Preservation Records. We never thought that we would re-release, for the first time on vinyl, his masterpiece from 1983. Killer production, performed by musicians like Marcos Valle, Paulo Sérgio Valle (brother of Marcos Valle), Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti, Picolé, Serginho Trombone (Dom Salvador & Abolição) Oberdan (Banda Black Rio), Max Pierre, Peninha, among others. You get classic rio boogie, modern soul and smooth breezy pop from Marcos who really reinvented himself in the 80’s.

We’re telling the whole story behind the release in a nice 8 page booklet in the vinyl release. We haven’t saved much on this release , high quality cardboard cover, heavy vinyl. A true collectors item.