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Lava - Fire P005 CD

by Lava

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Title: Fire
Format: CD
Catalog #: P005

Preservation records is proud to present the exclusive remastered version of 'Fire' with an unreleased version of Sophie that was recorded during the session. The booklet contains never seen picture and the full story on how the US singer Randy Crawford travelled from Cali to Oslo to play with Lava.

Additional info:
-Remastered from orginal mastertapes
-Jewelcase cover with printed booklet.
-Exclusive, limited issue of this westcoast classic
-Bonus track

1. Sophie (Geir Langslet/Alix Wangberg) (4:10)
2. Fake (Rolf Graf/Ivar Dyrhaug – Egil Eldøen – Rolf Graf) (3:40)
3. Something (Rolf Graf/Ivar Dyrhaug) (3:57)
4. Streetgirl (Egil Eldøen/Øyvind Boska) (3:59)
5. Loosing You (Rolf Graf/Sidsel Endresen) (3:33)
6. You (Feat. Randy Crawford) (Egil Eldøen/Ivar Dyrhaug) (4:35)
7. The Woman I Want (Svein Dag Hauge/Ivar Dyrhaug) (3:41)
8. Wait For Me (Geir Langslet/Wilhelm Seyfarth) (4:14)
9. I’m In Love (Egil Eldøen/Thore Thorsen) (4:07)
10. Indian Summer (Per Kolstad) (2:09)
11. Sophie (Alternative Version) (Geir Langslet/Alix Wangberg) (4:10)

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